Audition Information

In order to participate in the district festivals, students will need to go through a selection or audition process, depending on the ensemble. The general guidelines that students and teachers need to follow is listed below.

General Guidelines

Please note that these guidelines are in the process of changing. For the most recent information about auditions and festivals, please see Meeting Minutes.

  • Please see Fall/Winter Audition Information Page for ensemble-specific recommendation/audition guidelines.

  • Use of photocopies in auditions (where applicable) will result in disqualification.

  • District VI teachers are urged to use discretion in registering students to audition. Each audition is time consuming, making it imperative that the auditioning student be both prepared and qualified to participate in the festival.

  • Copies of the student's audition score sheet, including the adjudicator's comments, will be available to each school immediately following the formulation of the various ensembles' instrumentation and voicing. Ensemble managers should provide each school with a list of students accepted and an ensemble list showing name, instrument, school and audition score.

  • Following auditions, if an ensemble missing needed parts, all schools will be notified and recommendations given to the ensemble manager.

  • 6th graders are now welcome for middle school ensembles.