Fall Auditions

The fall festival includes the following ensembles: MS Chorus, MS Jazz Band, HS A Capella Choir, and HS Concert Band. The audition process for the middle school students will be different than that of high school students. Please see ensemble-specific guidelines below and register your students using the 2022-23 Festival Registration Form. Here is the Invoice form for Directors.

Ensemble-Specific Guidelines

MS Chorus (updated as of Sept. 2022)

  • 6th graders are able to participate

  • Teachers should attend the October 13th 6 pm selection meeting

    • Zoom link to be sent by Danielle to those who registered using the 2022-23 Festival Registration Form linked above.

MS Jazz Band (updated Sept. 2022)

  • 6th graders are welcome.

  • Teachers will recommend students.

  • All instruments are now welcome.

HS A Cappella Choir (updated Sept. 2022)

  • Teachers will audition their students at their schools using the HS Choral Audition Ballot plus the vocal percussion ballot (in the process of being finalized)

  • All vocal percussionists must also audition as a singer. Singers are not required to audition for vocal percussion.

  • When auditioning, teachers should choose the following scales for the following voices: Soprano- F major, Alto- D major, Tenor- E major, Bass- B major

  • If a school is unable to form a complete SATB students should audition with the recorded tracks with the missing parts only being played. Example: a soprano and bass are auditioning, use the track with just alto and tenor for the audition.

  • Students audition on selections from a 4 year rotation

  • There is no sight reading component for the A Cappella Audition

HS Concert Band (updated Sept. 2022)

1. Students wishing to play in the district high school concert band are encouraged to submit recorded auditions using the selections designated for the 2022-23 school year. This includes:

a. The appropriate solo for your instrument.

b. Two major scales selected by the judge and the chromatic scale designated on the district

scales sheet. All played from memory. Snare drummers will play rudiments in place of scales.

Timpanists will play sticking exercises.

c. Sight reading provided to teachers by the judge.

2. Auditions must be recorded by the student's teacher.

3. All recordings must be uploaded to this Google Drive Folder by Monday, October 3

4. Judges will send scores to the manager (Steve Rice) by Monday, October 10.

Judges include:

Danielle St. Amand (danielle.stamand@wnesu.com) - Woodwinds

Danielle Conerty (conertyd@hartfordschools.net) - Brass

Steve Rice (srice@wsesdvt.org) - Percussion

October 10 is also the deadline for teachers to send a list of students who did not audition but are being recommended for the district band. These are sent to Steve Rice.