Festival Information

The CVFMA- District Vi sponsors two festivals every school year; one in the fall and one in the winter. The festivals are in keeping with the District's mission:

To create enriching musical experiences, with high standards of musicianship and responsibility, for students of Vermont Music Educators Association District VI and to encourage as many of those students as possible to meet those standards and participates in the Association's festivals.

Regulations and Procedures

  1. Participation

    • No student is to miss any rehearsal or portion thereof FOR ANY REASON. Failure to follow this specific regulation will result in immediate dismissal from the festival.

    • Students will not be allowed to participate in any district festivals in the 12 months/calendar year (Infraction for fall festival = no winter or next year's fall. Infraction for winter festival = no fall or next year's winter), if they commit themselves to a group and then back out. Exceptions (i.e. academic ineligibility, documented illness, death in the family) must be approved by the district chairperson. A commitment is made when the registration form and fees have been sent in. There will be no refunds.

    • Teachers must recognize that all participating students are responsible for knowing festival rules and regulations beforehand.

    • Failure to comply with any further rules or regulations may result in dismissal from the festival, decision to be between: the festival host, ensemble manager, and district president. In the event that disciplinary action has to be taken, contact with the students' teacher will be made. In extreme cases, the student's parents/guardians and principal may be notified.

  2. Rehearsals

    • Music teachers should register their students before the first general meeting on Friday. If there is any problem with this time, the teacher will contact the festival host as soon as possible.

    • Students must be on time for all rehearsals and concerts

    • Students are responsible for their own property. Name and school should be on all equipment, cases, and music folders.

    • Students should wear appropriate, yet comfortable, clothing for rehearsal (no hats).

    • Students will remain within the festival site at all times.

    • Smoking/vaping is not permitted at any time by any participating student.

  3. Materials to bring

    • 2 (TWO!!!!) pencils

    • All necessary music and instruments

    • Bag lunch for both days

    • Concert clothing to change into on Saturday

    • Water bottle

    • The need for large and/or unusual instruments and their storage should be brought to the attention of the festival host.

  4. Concert Attire

    • All ensembles (except for HS Jazz Band)

      • White blouse (shoulders must be covered) or white button down dress shirt (long-sleeves) with any color tie

      • Black pants, slacks, or skirts (skirts must be knee-length or longer)

      • Black dress shoes with black socks or tights

    • HS Jazz Band ONLY

      • Black blouse (shoulders must be covered) or black button down dress shirt (long-sleeves) with any color tie

      • Black pants, slacks, or skirts (skirts must be knee-length or longer)

      • Black dress shoes with black socks or tights